sanitizing line MUSCHERI VENEZIA

The sanitizing line Muschieri Venezia is a line of products designed for your personal sanitization, hands, environments and fabrics with alcohol base

sanitizing hands scented

The hand sanitizer scented is a product of personal sanitation, surfaces and masks based on alcohol denatured cosmetic 72%. The hydroalcoholic product is enriched with allergen-free scented essential oils and vegetable glycerin to increase the hydration of the hands

Natural colonies

Produced as it once was, this versatile product combines the protection of a sanitizing product formulated with 75% cosmetic denatured alcohol with a personal perfumery product that can be used as an everyday fragrance

Perfumes sanitizing environment and fabrics

Sanitizing perfumes are a line of perfumes blended with 75% cosmetic denatured alcohol base and with essential oils from the Muschieri collection of 10% home fragrances. Versatile products in 4 formats for sanitizing your environments, fabrics, clothing, linen and surfaces

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